I work as an Integrative Counsellor and incorporate different types of therapy into my practice. These include coherence therapy, shaking and breathing exercises, clean language, Autogenic exercises and hypnotherapy.


Coherence therapy works with understanding your thoughts , beliefs and emotions, so you are fully aware of the reasons for the way you act and behave. The principles of this therapy are based on neuroscience findings and involve unlocking the synapses in the brain where your beliefs and patterns of behaviour are stored. Change can then occur automatically.

Shaking and breathing exercises works with releasing feelings in your body, some of which may been frozen or stuck from a traumatic event , so eventually you reach the stage where all the backlog of trapped emotions have been cleared. Trapped feelings occur when we are in the fight flight mode and instead of running or fighting we freeze and the adrenaline and emotions associated with the experience become trapped inside us. These trapped emotions may cause you to experience uncomfortable feelings in your chest or stomach, shaking in your legs or arms and headaches or migraines.

Clean language works by using metaphors and exploring them to find out more about your inner world and to map out what is happening inside you, so you gain a greater understanding of yourself. Autogenic exercises are used for clearing excessive and trapped emotions by expressing them out loud in a safe environment. For more information on hypnotherapy please see the next section.

To find out more about Coherence Therapy see Unlocking the Emotional Brain by Ecker,Ticic & Hulley. For Information on how trauma affects the body see Waking the Tiger:Healing Trauma by Peter Levine and for Clean Language see Metaphors in Mind by Lawley & Tompkins.